From the sea

to the table

Fish & Seafood

The fish menu is only available in the months of March until October

  • SARDINES 6,00
  • GAMBONS 8,90

    King or Jumbo Prawns


    King or Jumbo prawns hot spicy pil pil


    Price depending on weight

  • Dorada y Lubina

    Price depending on weight

  • Squid

    Price depending on weight

  • Wild fish

    SALMONETE (Red Mullet) - VORAZ (Blackspot Seabream) PARGO (Common Seabream) - URTA (Redbanded Seabream)
    Price depending on weight


  • Twister de langostinos 8,90

    Battered prawns with asian sweet chilli sauce

  • Carpaccio de Wagyu 12,90

    Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with shaved parmesan, rocket and lime

  • Ventresca de atún 11,90

    Tuna Ventresca slices with fresh tomato and extra virgin olive oil

  • Gyozas 9,00

    6 und - Vegan
    Grilled vegan asian patty with soja & teriyaki sauce

  • Tabla de quesos 11,00

    6 und - Veggie
    A selection of cheese with almonds and red berries


  • TROPICAL 10,90

    Assorted green leaves with fresh mango & pineapple pieces, avocado, prawns and crab surimi, all covered with cocktail dressing.

  • CAESAR 9,50

    Assorted green leaves, crispy chicken, minced hard boiled egg, parmesan, bacon flakes and croutons seasoned with caesar dressing.

  • Salmón 10,90

    Assorted green leaves, cherry tomatoes, salmon, avocado, prawns and capers and our special vinaigrette

  • Capresse 9,50

    Layers of fresh tomato, mozzarella di bufala and natural fresh basil leaves, topped with black olives and our homemade pesto sauce

  • Cabrita 9,50

    Assorted green leaves, cherry tomatoes, grilled slices of goat cheese, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and caramelised onion, all seasoned with a cream of balsamic vinegar of Modena

  • Vegan caesar 11,90

    Assorted green leaves, crispy vegan chicken, Vegan cheese, flakes and croutons seasoned with Caesar dressing

Main dishes

Wraps & Woks


    Seasoned with chimichurri sauce and goat cream cheese, served with sweets onions and assorted green leaves

  • SALMON WRAP 10,90

    Filled of salmon, assorted green leaves, goat cheese cream and avocado

  • LAMB WRAP 10,90

    Minced lamb shoulder meat seasoned with Arab spices blend, assorted green leaves, fresh tomato, onions, red bell pepper, raisins and feta cheese, with yogurt dressing

  • WOK DE POLLO 11,90

    Noodles with chicken, vegetables and our wok sauce

  • Chicken & prawns 12,90

    Noodles with chicken, prawns, vegetables and our wok sauce

  • Vegetarian 10,90

    Noodles with vegetables and our wok sauce

Sandwiches & Burgers


    Grilled chicken breast with assorted green leaves, cheese, hard boiled egg, bacon and mayonnaise, with fries.

  • Angus Burger 10,50

    7oz/200grs. Angus breed beef burger with asorted green leaves, tomatoes, onion and cheese

  • Angus Deluxe Burger 12,50

    7oz/200grs. Angus breed beef burger with asorted green leaves, tomatoes, slice of grilled goat cheese and caramelised onions

  • Chicken Burger 9,50

    Crispy chicken breast, assorted green leaves, tomatoes, parmesan and caesar dressing

  • Vegan Burger 12,50

    Beyond mountain burger with onion, vegan cheddar cheese, tomatoes and asorted lettuce leaves

Kids meals

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